Welcome to Labbato’s on the Knob!

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LOTK is in the area of Newport, Kentucky that was known as, Spaghetti Knob. Italians settled here in the early days because it reminded them of their homeland. Be sure to check out the book, Italians of Newport and Northern Kentucky for the facts, but from what I understand, this area was settled by the Italians because it reminded them of their homeland. We consider ourselves so lucky to host each person who crosses through our doorway!

Be sure to check out the view of Cincinnati from upstairs. Our neighbors across the street have unobstructed views- we get the sliver, but it is still amazing.

Here is some general information to help you feel at home:

Call or text either of us at anytime. You can reach both of us at the same time through the Airbnb app. We like to say, “hi” when you get here if we are around, but if we miss you, don’t worry about it! Folllow the check-in instructions to get in from your reservation details. Checkout is at 11:00 a.m.

Wifi: Info is located in the bedroom on the information sheet next to the tv

Comfort: There are extra pillows, blankets, and towels. Use whatever you need! Whatever it is you use, just leave it out so we know to replace it.  If you can open a door, feel free to look inside to see if there is something you can use!

Coffee: One of the most important things to us when we travel is the ability to have a brewed cup of coffee in the morning. We provide a coffee pot and some donut-store style coffee. If you want someone else to make it, stop at the The Cookie Jar Bakery down the hill and to the left on the other side of Monmouth Street. It is only a half-mile away!

The Cookie Jar Bakery, Newport, Kentucky

The mini fridge is off of the front room where you can grab a bottle of water and check out the instant oatmeal selection.

Temperature: If you get too hot or cold and need a temperature adjustment, let us know. We can adjust it from our part of the house. We have an air conditioner to back up the central air that we put in the bedroom in the summer. Do not be shy to use it!

Television: Check out our selection of VHS tapes. We have some classics! There is also a Roku and of course, there is always WLWT Channel 5. Keep it local, right?

To use the VCR: On the remote, press input and sect, AV. Use input again to select TV to switch it back.

Health and Wellness

We hope you feel your best whenever you visit us, but for those times when you might need a little extra help, we are located near both a Little Clinic at Kroger, as well as a mile and a half from an urgent care and emergency room.


  • TANK Bus: to go downtown, walk down 15th Street and cross Monmouth. The stop is on the sidewalk in front of PNC Bank. If you follow the schedule, use the Newport Shopping Center stop and add three minutes to the time listed. The bus will take you to Cincinnati. The fare is $1.50 each way.
  • Cincinnati Streetcar: Once downtown, you can catch the streetcar which is only one route that makes a circle around the city. An all day fare is only $2.00.