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We are so lucky to be located so close to three awesome grocery stores. We spend a lot of time at Aldi, across the street. They have the best peanut butter cups, $5.99 six-packs of German beer, and kettle chips under $2.00 a bag. Their produce is decent too, but let’s be honest about the snacks.


  • TANK Bus: to go downtown, walk down 15th Street and cross Monmouth. The stop is on the sidewalk in front of PNC Bank. If you follow the schedule, use the Newport Shopping Center stop and add three minutes to the time listed. The bus will take you to Cincinnati. The fare is $1.50 each way.
  • Cincinnati Streetcar: Once downtown, you can catch the streetcar which is only one route that makes a circle around the city. An all day fare is only $2.00.